Cotton Cultivation | Top Cotton Producing Countries Of The World

Cotton is the major fiber from all of the seeds and fruits fiber. It grows naturally. Cotton cultivation is carried out in approx 75 countries in the world. It is cultivated on an average of 32 million hectares of land. This is approx 0.8% of the cultivated surface of the earth. The world wide annual production of ginned cotton is 18 to 20 million tones. This is approx 50% of the textile fibers processed between 4 and 6 million tones of the cotton are exported.

Cotton Fiber Producing Countries of the World: It is important to know the name of the cotton producing country name. The most important cotton producer’s are-

USA | China | Russia | Pakistan | India | Brazil | Turkey | Egypt | Australia | Mexico | Sudan | Togo | Greece | Syria | Afghanistan | Benin | Zimbabwe | Spain | Cameroon | Nigeria | Iran | Iraq | Pena | Uganda | Colombia | Tanzania | Korea | Paraguay | South Africa | Kenya | Angola | West Indies | Burma | Eastern Europe

Some of others countries also cultivate cotton but above are the major cotton producing countries. Most of the countries are involved in export and import business of cotton.

It is important to know that the properties of the cotton fiber vary from one country to another. It depends on the properties of soil, seeds, cultivation process and climate. In the modern world, USA is the best cotton growing country and major portion of cotton is supplied from USA.

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