Dyeing Flow Chart For Acrylic Cotton | Yarn Dyeing Process

Dyeing is the most critical task for a textile engineer. Acrylic cotton dyeing is the double part dyeing process. Here dyeing is done one part to another. It needs to match cotton part and acrylic part then dyeing will be completed. Flow chart of acrylic cotton dyeing is as follow: Carrier and vessel washed by … Read more

Dyeing Flow Chart Of Grey Melange || Scouring And Bleaching Process

Grey Melange yarn is the special types of yarn. The fabric which is made from the grey melange yarn is also special. Here I have given a dyeing flow chart by which grey melange yarns are dyed. After dyeing grey melange yarns are used for producing woven and knitted fabrics. Dyeing also done for grey … Read more

White Dyeing | Dyeing Flow Chart of Scouring and Bleaching With Optical Brightening Agent (OBA)

Dyeing is carried out for changing the appearance of the grey yarn or fabric. Generally dyeing is done with the help of dyes and chemical. Most of the time raw materials become colorful by the application of dyes. But if we want to get a white fabric we need to pass through the wet processing … Read more

Flow Chart of Cotton Yarn Dyeing Process

Cotton Yarn In dyeing; the process sequence can be vary depending on the shade of the material which is required to produce. I have given a process sequence for the light shade dyeing but the basic sequence is almost the same. Now I like to give a process flow chart of dyeing for medium and … Read more

Quality Assurance System at Different Stages of Yarn Dyeing | Quality Measuring System

Quality Assurance System In every production floor, there has a quality control department that is responsible for ensuring the quality of the product. On a yarn dyeing floor, there has a quality department. A textile engineer or a quality officer measures the quality of the product by carrying out different quality tests. Quality Assurance System … Read more

Functions in Packing And Delivery Section Of Yarn Dyeing Floor

Yarn Dyeing Yarn dyeing is one of the dyeing process types for the coloration of yarn. However, there are different sections on the yarn dyeing floor when the packing and delivery section is common among them. Functions in Packing And Delivery Section Of Yarn Dyeing Floor Packing Section: In the Packing section; dyed yarn packages … Read more

Process Flow Chart For Cotton Yarn Dyeing | Light Shade Cotton Dyeing (Less Than 1%)

Cotton Dyeing Yarn dyeing is one type of package dyeing which is done in different dyeing machines. However, different shaded yarn s produced by the dyeing process. On the yarn dyeing floor; the process for cotton yarn can be vary depending on the individual procedure of a textile engineer or a dyeing master. I have … Read more

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