Thread Counting System And Their Application In Fabric Manufacturing

Thread Counting System In the fabric manufacturing process; thread selection is important to get the proper GSM of a fabric. Generally, when the consumption of fabric is done then it is fixed how much yarn will be used in fabric production. Basically, after producing a fabric, thread per inch in warp and weft direction is … Read more

How To Identify Warp And Weft Yarn Of A Woven Fabric?

Warp And Weft Yarn In woven fabric construction; two types of yarn are used, they are warp and weft yarn. It is important to know the number of yarn in a woven fabric. To know that, warp and weft yarn is calculated by an EPI and PPI test. For calculating that, we have to identify … Read more

Flow Chart Of Weaving Technology || Fabric Manufacturing Process

Weaving Weaving technology is the process of woven fabric manufacturing by interlacing two sets of yarn i.e. warp yarn and weft yarn at the right angle. Different developed machines use in the textile industries such as air jet loom, jacquard loom, shuttleless loom, rapier loom, and others. Basically, three types of fabrics are produced in fabric … Read more

Process Flow Chart of Denim Mercerizing | Cotton Mercerizing Process

Denim Mercerizing In the fabric market; mercerization plays an important role. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than un-mercerized fabric. In the denim industry, the mercerizing process is different than the other mercerizing process. In general mercerizing of cotton is done before dyeing but for denim mercerizing is done after dyeing and weaving which is described … Read more

Necessity of Yarn Preparation For Weaving and Knitting

Yarn Preparation The yarn which is used for weaving or knitting could be grey or dyed. Yarns are the main element of weaving. Before weaving it needs to be prepared. The yarn which is collected from the spinning section can not be used in the loom directly. Before using it in loom it is processed … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Finishing of Denim Fabric

Denim Denim fabric is courser than usually woven fabric. Generally, courser yarn is used for making denim. After dyeing and weaving, denim fabric is sent to the finishing section for adding some properties to the fabric. In the finishing section; a sequence of production procedures is maintained. Process Flow Chart Of Finishing Section In Denim … Read more

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