Garment Buying House | Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Garment Buying House Garment buying house is a common word to the merchandiser as well as the textile and garment-related personnel. Basically, a buying house makes a contract between the buyer and the clothing manufacturers. However, it plays like a medium that takes all types of necessary approval from the clothing or garment buyer. The … Read more

Price Quotation Of Products

Price Quotation Price quotation is very much important for the both buyer and the seller. The understanding between the seller and buyer should be fine. When a seller gives a quotation he or she should be careful. The quotation letter should contain all the information which is necessary for understanding all the points of dealing. … Read more

Top Blue Jeans Brands To Cozy Up

Blue Jeans Blue jeans are the modern fashion of the modern age. The pattern of jeanswear is different from regular wear emphatically. However, the jeanswear is thicker than other pants which are made of finer yarn. In fact, most of the jeanswear is made from coarse yarn. Meanwhile, the jeanswear is made from denim fabric. … Read more

Top Sisal Producers Country Of The World || Hard Fiber Production

Sisal Sisal is a natural and very hard fiber in nature. The botanical name of sisal is Agava sisalana. It is produced in different parts of the world. Sisal fiber is generally used for making rope, twine, paper, cloth, wall coverings, and dartboards. The sisal producing countries are earning huge foreign currency by exporting sisal … Read more

Top Jute Exporting Countries Of The World || Raw Jute Trading

Jute Jute is a natural fiber. It is also eco-friendly for the environment. The demand for jute goods is increasing significantly day by day. The raw jute producing countries are exporting raw jute to the raw jute importing countries. By exporting raw jute different jute growing countries are earning huge foreign currency for their country. … Read more

Top Jute Importing Countries Of The World || Raw Jute Trade

Jute Jute is a natural fiber and eco-friendly. It is growing in the sub-continent area, especially in Bangladesh and India. The jute growing countries are exporting their produced jute to the jute importing countries. Jute importers are using this imported jute to manufacture different jute goods for their uses. The jute importing countries are exporting … Read more

Top Wool Importers Of The World || Wool Trade

Wool Wool is a natural protein fiber. It is collected from the skin of sheep. Different types of attractive blankets, jackets, sweaters, and other wear are made from wool fiber. Different class’s wool is produced in some countries. Australia and New Zealand are the largest wool-producing countries in the world. Top wool-producing countries are exports … Read more

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