Industrial Security || Threats Of Industrial Security

Industry is the place where products are manufactured. Security is essential for all types of organization. In everyday life, man wants to get safety and security. The security issue is the major concern of peoples. When a person involve in his work, he or she wants to complete his or her work without any hazards. … Read more

Human Resource Management (HRM) || Polices Of Human Resource Department In A Industry

Human resource (HR) is an important department in an organization, especially for a production related industry where workers are involved. Human resource is responsible to ensure the rights of an officer and worker in an industry. The goodwill of an industry depends on the performance of human resource department. Compliance of an industry is controlled … Read more

What Is Textile Production Management (TPM) || Objectives And Requirement Of Textile Production Management

Textile Production Management (TPM) is a vital term in textile and garments industry. In the international textile and clothing market an engineer who has a degree on textile engineering and management hold a great demand. To be a successful in an industry you should have sound knowledge about textile production management. If you have not … Read more