Procedure Of Drying Twist Test For Fiber Identification

Drying Twist Test Drying twist test is important to test for fiber identification. Here, textile fiber is identified by the direction of the twist. Fiber could be twisted in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. By observing the twist direction we can identify the fiber types. Procedure of Drying Twist Test: Here, I have given a … Read more

Procedure Of Solubility Test for Fiber Identification | Chemical Test

Solubility Test Fiber identification is a difficult task but if we know the characteristics of that fiber then it is easy to identify the fiber. Another thing is that, if anyone wants to know the name of an unknown fiber then what can we do? The simple answer is that we can carry out various … Read more

Density Testing Procedure Of A Textile Fiber

Density Test Density Testing plays an important role in the textile sector. In the textile industry; the quality control department is responsible to carry out various types of quality tests. A density test is one of them. A density test is important for fabric manufacturing. Density Testing Procedure Of A Textile Fiber There is a … Read more

CPI And WPI / EPI And PPI Measuring System With The Magnifying Glass Setting Multiplier

Fabric Yarn Measurement In fabric structure; it is important to know, how much yarn is lengthwise and width-wise. To know the number of yarn in a specific fabric a measurement is done for this. For this yarn, an inch is measured by the magnifying glass setting multiplier. It is an offline quality assurance system. The … Read more

Fabric Shade Checking System In Dyeing Floor

Fabric Shade Checking Shade is a common word in the dyeing, printing, and finishing unit of a textile mill. However, it is the physical testing method of an offline quality control assurance system. I have written about the shade matching system in a dyeing lab or lab dip development procedure in one of my blogs … Read more

Quality Control System In A Knit Composite Mill

Quality Control System The Quality control department runs under the direction of a quality assurance manager (in most cases). The quality of a product is checked in the different manufacturing stages of a product. During quality assurance, they follow the different international quality standards. Q.C department also takes help from CCMS for measuring the quality … Read more

Different Types of Quality Test In Dyeing Mill

Quality Test Quality is a must for value-added products. However, fabric Inspection is done in grey form or finished form. The inspection of fabric is a procedure by which the defects of fabric are identified and the fabric is classified according to the degree or intensity of defects. The fabric inspection is done for both … Read more

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