Knit Fabric Faults In Production | Causes And Remedies Of Knitting Faults

Knitting Knit fabric is produced from loop formation. So it needs to be careful during production. Different types of faults could be found in knit fabric, which could be the cause of fabric rejection. If we can find out the defects of fabric during production then we can take steps to remove them from the … Read more

Organogram of Knitting Mills | Managerial System In Knit Production

Organogram Every organization runs with a managerial system. Progress of the organization mainly depends on a strong managerial system. Especially an organization which is related to production should have well-defined management. An industry-related organization have two management system; One is in head office other is in the industry. In industry, the organogram depends on the … Read more

Process Flow Chart of Knitting Technology | Features of Knitted Fabric

Knitting Knitting is a process of fabric manufacturing by interesting or Interlooping the loops of yarns. Basically, loops form in the horizontal or vertical directions when one loop is drawn through another. Moreover, the knit fabric produces by making a loop using a needle in a knitting machine. Different types of cam designs such as … Read more

What is Knitting | Types of Knitted Fabrics Produced in Knitting Mills

Knitting The process in which fabrics are produced by a set of connecting loops from a series of yarns in warp or weft direction is defined as knitting. Basically, different knitting machines use to perform this technique. We also know that fabrics produce from a set of warp or weft yarn. However, Weaving and knitting … Read more

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