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What Are The Considerable Points For Producing Knit Fabrics?

Knit fabrics are the fashion of new age. Various designed fabrics are produced in knitting machine. Knitting flow chart should follow during operation. During production process following machine parameters are considered.

  • Machine diameter
  • Machine rpm (revolution per minute)
  • No. of feeder in use
  • Machine gauge
  • Count of yarn
  • Required time
  • Machine running efficiency

Considerable points to produce knit fabrics: Generally knit fabric production runs according to the order of buyer. When a buyer orders for fabric, they mention some points related to production and end product quality. Before production of knitted fabrics, these factors are needed to consider. Those are as follow:

Type of fabric or design of fabric: Knitted fabrics are various in design. When a buyer order for a product they give a sample or give the specification of the end product. Different designed fabrics are produced by changing the cam setting, needle setting and size of loop shape.

Finished G.S.M: It is technical term that indicates the weight of the fabric per square meter. In knitting section grey fabrics are produced but the programer should make his program for getting the finished G.S.M after dyeing. Some points are considered while setting grey G.S.M; they are enzyme level, color and suided or non suided. G.S.M of the fabric is controlled by the following way:

→Major controlled by VDQ pulley.

→Minor controlled by stitch length adjustment.

→By altering the position of tension pulley, G.S.M of the fabric can be changed. If pulley moves towards the positive directive then the G.S.M is decrease and in the reverse direction G.S.M will increase. This also depends on the machine type.

Yarn Count: Yarn count differ on the finished G.S.M. Higher the yarn count higher the G.S.M of the fabric. Sometimes spandex or lycra is used with the cotton in that’s case yarn count of cotton select with the combination of lycra.

Type of yarn: Different types of yarn is used for knit production. Cotton yarns may be combed or carded. Also synthetic fiber like lycra is used with cotton for some special case. All depends on the buyer requirement.

Diameter of fabric: Diamter of the fabric is another factor. Fabric may be open diameter or tube diameter. Any how grey dia. will be selected with response of finished dia. of the fabric.

Stitch length and color depth: If the depth of color of the fabric is high then loop length should be higher because in case of fabric with higher loop length is less compact. In dark shade dye take up% is high so G.S.M is adjusted then. Similarly in case of light shade loop length should be relatively smaller. Stitch length vary depending on yarn count and shade of the fabric. If stitch length is not fixed with respond to finished G.S.M then knitting faults appear.

So, we have to consider above points before knit fabrics production.



Different Parts of Knitting Machine | Functions Of Machine Parts

Knitting machines are mainly two types; they are circular knitting machine and flat bed knitting machine. This two types are hugely use in knitting machine. A knitting machine is composed of lots of parts. Every parts of a machine are important for run the machine smoothly. Every part has a specific function during operation.

Different knitting machine parts and their functions are given below:

  • Creel: Creel is called the holder of cone. Cone is placed in a creel for feeding the yarn to the feeder.
  • Feeder: Yarn is feed through the feeder. No of feeder is depends on the design of the fabric.
  • VDQ Pulley: G.S.M of the knit fabric is controlled by VDQ pulley. VDQ pulley is used for controlling the stitch length of the fabric.
  • Guide: Guide is called the supporting element. Guide is used to guide the yarn.
  • Sensor: Sensor is an automatic controlling system. When a yarn pass through this sensor than if any yarn break down or any problem occur than it automatically stop by this sensoring system.
  • Cylinder: Cylinder is the main parts of a knitting machine. Adjustment of a cylinder is important. Cylinder carries needle, sinker, cam and many more.
  • Spreader: Spreader is used to spread the knitted fabric before take up roller. Knit fabrics may be tube or open type. Spreader is adjusted as need.
  • Fixation Feeder: This type of feeder is used in electrical auto striper knitting machine to feed the yarn at specific finger.
  • Rethom: Rethom is used in electrical auto stripper knitting machine.

Different well known companies are manufacturing such types of knitting machine. Day by day they are trying to add some advance technology two facilities best opportunity. In this sense we can consider auto stripe, which gives more opportunity two produce multi-color long stripe knit fabrics. Different zigzag design also can be produced by an auto stripe machine. It is note that, faulty knitting machine parts create knitting faults. To increase the knitting production we should use latest knitting machine.

So, before buying a knitting machine we have to consider these above points.

Classification of Knitting Machine | Knitting Machines for the Industry

Knitting machines are use to produce knit fabric. Knitted fabrics are produced by the interlocking of one or more yarns through a series of loops by the use of hooked needle. Knitted fabrics are differing from one to another depending on their fabric design. Specific fabrics are produced from specific knitting machine.

Knitting machines are classified as follows:

Weft Knitting Machine

  • Flat Bar Knitting Machine
  1. Flat Bed
  2. V-Bed
  3. Single Bed
  4. Unidirectional
  • Straight Bar Knitting Machine
  1. Single Needle
  2. Double Needle
  • Circular Knitting machine
  1. Revolving Cylinder; Sinker Top or Open Top Single Jersey Knitting Machine
  2. Revolving Cylinder; Cylinder and Dial Double Jersey Knitting Machine
  • Circular Bearded Single
  1. Sinker Wheel Knitting Machine
  2. Loop Wheel Knitting Machine

Warp Knitting Machine

  1. Rachel Knitting Machine
  2. Tricot Knitting Machine

In modern times knit fabrics have a large verity. Verities type of knit fabrics is the demand of modern time. Such types of fabrics are produced in the knitting mills.

So, choose your favourite one which is required for producing knit fabrics.