List Of Basic Chemicals Used for Knit Dyeing | Chemicals And Auxiliaries

Chemicals are second important materials for dyeing knit fabrics. Chemicals are different in their properties. Chemicals are mixed in dyeing machine with the dyes. All chemicals are not suitable for all types of dyeing. Specific dyes need specific chemicals. Use of chemicals depends on the dyes type. Some chemicals are strong alkaline some are weak … Read more

Machineries Used In Dyeing & Finishing Floor | Knit Dyeing

In knit dyeing; grey knit fabrics are received from the knitting section. These grey fabrics are batched depending on the shade, fabric types, fabric quantity and with other information. After batching, fabrics are dyed in dying machine. After dyeing, finishing is done in the finishing section. From batching to winding in a knit dyeing floor, … Read more

Responsibilities Of A Textile Production Officer In Dyeing Floor | Activities Of A Textile Engineer

A strong managerial system is needed for controlling the dyeing process in a dyeing floor. In dyeing process experience is the vital point for getting the success. Experienced team work can bring the desired production in the production floor. We know that; dyeing is the most critical section and shade machine is important for satisfied … Read more