What is the Reasons Behind Low Production | Regarding Jute Mills

Jute products manufacturing business is one of the profitable business all over the world. If anyone have not enough idea about this business then he should not engaged with this business. Every time we should remember that better plan and knowledge can bring success of life. We want to get more benefits from a project, … Read more

Jute Goods | Eco-Friendly Products

All of we know that, this world becomes unsafe and unhealthy for different types of problems. But who is responsible for that, simple answer is that we (mankind). Day by day we are creating this worst situation. This earth becomes hot for our ignorance. In this modern time we use such kind of things which … Read more

Jute Fiber || Natural Fiber for Environment Safety

Jute fiber, one of the most common natural fibers. Natural fiber means it completely grows naturally. For this reason it is completely safe to use. It is eco friendly. Anyhow jute is a cellulosic fiber but the portion of cellulose in its composition is less than cotton fiber. Hemi cellulose and lignin also present in … Read more