Interlining | Types and Functions of Interlining in Garments

Interlining Accessories are used to assemble fabric parts that are supplied from the cutting section. Different types of accessories are used to make complete garments. I have given a list of accessories in one of my articles. Now, I will inform you about special types of trimmings that are used to give special attractiveness to … Read more

Flow Chart of Fabric Cutting in Garments Industry | Methods of Fabric Cutting

Fabric Cutting in Garments Industry Fabric cutting in garments industry is an important part of the apparel manufacturing process. When completely manual, semi-manual, and computerized methods involve in cutting operations. Firstly, the fabric is spread inlay form for cutting operation. This fabric cutting also involves the garment manufacturing process. It needs to take extra care … Read more

History of Needle | Needle Numbering | Uses and Functions of Needle

Sewing Machine Needle The needle is a very common word in the garments industry. different accessories are joined by the needle. The needle is used for sewing operations. Two or multiple fabric parts are joined by stitching which is done with the help of a needle. Sewing thread is passing through the hole of a … Read more

Types of Garment Defects | Causes and Remedies of Garment Defects

Garment Defects Garment defects can be defined as the absence of desired features in the product or unwanted features in products or features existing in the distorted or wrong way. A defective product is not desired by any man. Defective products lose their value in the market. A product may contain different defects. Apparel manufacturing … Read more

Garment Accessories List And Their Uses In Apparel Manufacturing

Garment Accessories Apparel manufacturing is a combination of group work and The different sections are related to apparel manufacturing. We know that fabric is the basic material for apparel manufacturing. Fabric may be woven or knitted. Woven fabrics are converted into shirts, pants, Coats, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, and other suitable apparel. Knitted fabrics are converted … Read more

Apparel Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Apparel The process of making a garment according to the pattern with the desired design and style is called apparel manufacturing. Apparel is the final achievement of textile processing, which started with fiber as a raw material for finished goods. After completing spinning, weaving, wet processing; the materials are ready for apparel manufacturing. Apparel is … Read more