De-Watering Machine | Objectives And Operational Parameter Of De-Watering Machine

De-Watering Machine In the knit fabric finishing process; a de-watering machine is used after passing the hydro-extractor machine. After hydro-extracting the fabric, the remaining water is removed by the de-watering process. During the de-watering process, an additional chemical is used to soften the fabric. Different types of operational parameters are controlled during the de-watering process. … Read more

Finishing of Textiles | Definitions-Objectives, And Classifications

Textiles Finishing Textile finishing is the final step of wet processing technology. Textile products either are dyed or printed it needs to add some finishing feathers before marketing. By applying different finishing techniques a product becomes more comfortable to use. So finishing should be easier to apply.Dyeing/Printing + Finishing = RMG/Marketing The making of marketable … Read more

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