What Is Size Ingredients | List Of Size Ingredients And Their Functions

Sizing is called heart of weaving. The materials which are used for sizing that is called size ingredients. A gelatinous film forming substance in solution or dispersion applied normally used for warp yarn but sometimes used for weft yarn before weaving is called size. Size ingredients and their functions: Different types of sized ingredients are … Read more

What Is Sizing | Purpose Of Textile Sizing | Properties Of Sized Yarn

Sizing is the most important terms for weaving technology. After winding and warping, sizing of yarn is done during beam preparation. Sizing is done by applying various types of size materials on the yarn. During application of size materials steam is needed. Sizing is a protective process. The process of applying a protective adhesive coating … Read more

Functions Of Different Parts Of A Warping Machine

Warping machine is a simplest machine. Its have different components and they have own functions which is required to know for better operation. Warping machine components are mainly divided into two types; they are Creel Head stock Now I like to give a short description about creel and head stock parts and their functions. Components … Read more