Disperse Dyes | Properties Of Disperse Dyes

Disperse Dyes Disperse dyes are synthetic dyes. Additionally, it is one kind of organic substance that is free of ionizing groups. In fact, disperse dyes are less soluble in water and used for dyeing synthetic textile materials. Basically, disperse dyes uses for dyeing polyester yarn or fabric. On the other hand, Reactive dyes are used … Read more

Functions Of Chemical In Wet Processing | List Of Textile Chemicals and Auxiliaries

Chemicals and Auxiliaries We know that dyes and chemicals are the main factors in producing color in yarn or fabric indeed. Different types of chemicals are used during dyeing. Generally, various chemicals are used in different stages of dyeing processing. In fact, every chemical has its own characteristics and they are used in different stages … Read more

List Of Basic Chemicals Used for Knit Dyeing | Chemicals And Auxiliaries

Chemicals Chemicals are the second most important material for dyeing knit fabrics. When they are different in their properties. Chemicals are mixed in a dyeing machine with the dyes. All chemicals are not suitable for all types of dyeing. Specific dyes need specific chemicals. The use of chemicals depends on the type of dye. Some … Read more

What is Pigments? || Difference Between Dyes and Pigments

Pigments Pigments are a special type of dyeing or printing material for wet processing technology. It is not an easy task to print or dye material with pigments because the pigment is 100% water-insoluble. So it needs to use special techniques for pigment dyeing or printing. Generally, pigment is used for printing. Pigments can be … Read more

Reactive Dyes | Definition-Classification-Properties and Influencing Factors

Reactive Dyes The dyeing operation is performed by the reaction between fiber and dyes. Some dyes are water-soluble and some are water-insoluble. Some fiber has an affinity to dye; some have no affinity to dyes. So dyeing depends on both fiber and dyes’ chemical properties. Before dyeing, we have to consider this factor. Reactive dyes … Read more

Dyes | Classification and Properties of Dyes

Dyes Dyes are coloring materials used in dyeing textiles materials. Besides, it can be defined as a substance that may be natural or synthetic and used to change or add color to textile materials. Applying dyes to materials depends on the type of materials. Different materials have different chemical structures and different dyes have different … Read more