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Jute Fiber | Golden Fiber Of Bangladesh

Golden color is favorite to most of the peoples. I also like golden color. Also you may hear about the pride of Bangladesh which is named golden fibers. Yes I say about jute, which is so called.

Once upon a time it was the principle exporting goods of Bangladesh, most of foreign currency was earned from this sector before liberation, and it was sold as raw and finished goods. Not only it’s golden color but also its currency earning gives it’s so name. The environment of Bangladesh is suitable for cultivating it. Bangladeshi farmer cultivated jute with happiness but what is the present situation?

After liberation war of Bangladesh this sector starts to lose its past position. Day by day it was denied from different government. Different government took different policy for which this sector becomes unstable. For the lack of good policy it is now in such worst position.

A good governmental policy can bring this sector in its glorious position. I hope all the political party will give emphasis on this sector when they elected by the vote of peoples.

We know that jute is a natural fiber for this reason it is not harmful like others synthetic fiber for the environment. Once time peoples have been used jute goods for their daily uses. But when synthetic goods come to the people’s hand, they started to use it instead of natural fiber made goods.

Different jute goods are available in the market such as bag, sack, cvc etc. Also different types of Geo textiles are made by this jute. In China, they blend jute with cotton fiber to produce yarn which is used 4 making different cloth which is chief in price. I will discuss about this in my next blog.

Jute product is produce in jute mills. Two types of jute mill is available one is called twine mills which produce only yarn and export it other one is called jute composite mills where both yarn and finished goods are produce.

In here most of the jute mills are powered by private sector. There is a government corporation called Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC). There are about 18 jute mills which are now running by BJMC. Millions people is involved with this sector. So government should consider it before take any harmful decision. I will elaborate it in my next post.

However, this sector has a great future.

What is the Reasons Behind Low Production | Regarding Jute Mills

Jute products manufacturing business is one of the profitable business all over the world. If anyone have not enough idea about this business then he should not engaged with this business. Every time we should remember that better plan and knowledge can bring success of life.

We want to get more benefits from a project, but sometimes we can’t get that’s achievement. We should know the properties of jute fiber.  Different reasons are responsible for it. Now I will refer you some reasons for which most of the jute mills can’t reach its goal of production:

  • Buying of raw jute not in perfect time that means jute does not buy in right seasons (July-November).
  • Lack of honesty of top management.
  • Buying of low grade raw jute with comparing of jute batch.
  • Money not in hand in right time (Jute buying seasons).
  • Over employment of local labor in an industry.
  • Lack of qualify mechanical instrument supply.
  • Too much load shadings during production period.
  • Lack of over hauling system of the machineries.
  • Employment of unskilled labor.
  • Miss communication among officers, stuff, and labor.
  • Too much corruption in purchase and export department.
  • Lack of planning to increase production of the mills.
  • Uncontrolled CBA in an industry.
  • Political handling on the planning of industry.
  • Fixation of jute purchasing rate lately.
  • Lack of training of the employs.
  • Unwanted behave from different bank for loan sanction.
  • Lack of decision making capability of the higher authority.
  • Complexity of ministry.
  • Unskilled management.
  • Lack of latest product production.
  • Lack of responsibility of labor.
  • Stay behind from modern technology.
  • Political decision regarding this sector.
  • ETC

Above reasons can be found in most of the government industry also it can be found in some private mills. Any how to get target production management should take steps to remove all the problems.


Jute Fiber || Natural Fiber for Environment Safety

Jute fiber, one of the most common natural fibers. Natural fiber means it completely grows naturally. For this reason it is completely safe to use. It is eco friendly. Anyhow jute is a cellulosic fiber but the portion of cellulose in its composition is less than cotton fiber. Hemi cellulose and lignin also present in its composition. For the presence of lignin and cellulose jute fiber is harder than others fiber. The chemical composition of jute fiber is as bellow:

Cellulose                                       : 64 to 65%

Hemi-Cellulose                               : 20 to 25%

Lignin                                          : 10 to 15%

Fat & Wax                                    : 0.3%

Water solution materials                  : 1.5%

Its root is harder than its body. It is difficult to produce yarn for its hardness. It makes soft by process before production. To remove this hardness emulsion is used. Then it becomes suitable for twisting. This emulsion is composed of J.B.O, Water and Emulsifier. The percentage by which emulsion is made that is given below:

Water                                       : 75.0 %

Jute Batching Oil (J.B.O)               : 24.5%

Emulsifier                                   : 0.5%

This composition is not universal it can be changed by the technician. After applying emulsion on jute it keeps in pile for some days. This time period is depend on the grade of jute.

Jute fiber is use to produce twine yarn, bag, sack, hessian, sacking, cvc, carpet yarn, etc. This product has international market demand. For this reason different county produce it to fulfill this demand.

We know that jute is composed of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen in its chemical composition. It has no component which is harmful for the environment. For that it does not pollute environment. Other hand jute fiber and its products are biodegradable. It takes only three to five months to decompose with soil. For this jute fiber is called friend of environment.

So, all of my friends let take steps to use natural jute products and keep this world out of  synthetic products.