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Clothing is the second fundamental needs of man. To satisfy the need of clothing, lots of fashion design and cloth manufacturing companies are established all over the world. All of the company have not same reputation. There is classification in the global market among all the companies. Here, I have listed best clothing companies name and they are dominating in the clothing industry market.

Best Fashion Design Companies Of The World

Armani: Armani is a popular fashion house brand not only in Italy but also all over the world. Giorgio Armani S.p.A is an international brand which is founded by Giorgio Armani. All types of clothing and accessories related design is done by the founder himself. This brand has different famous sub brand under the main brand.

Christian Dior S.A: Dior is a famous French fashion design industry. It was founded in 1946. In present, they design and marketed ready-made garments, fashion accessories, fancy design etc.

Valentine S.p.A: Valentino Garavani is the founder of Valentino S.p.A clothing company. They are designing different types of attractive and fancy design. The headquarter of this company is in Milan.

Alexander McQueen: Lee Alexander McQueen is the founder of luxury British fashion brand Alexander McQueen. This fashion design is founded in 1992. They also produced fancy fashion design cloth.

MOHKAlife: MOHKAlife is a web based online fashion company. It combines social network, design studio, online mall into a one convenient location. It maintains a supply chain where a young and independent designer can maintain of their own supply chain. Clothing design, manufacturing, shipping, marketing and selling is consist in MOKHAlife supply chain. Day by day they broad their business in the international fashion design market.

Kirribilla: Kirribilla is one of the famous fashion design company. They launch their first collection in spring or summer in 2007. In a room, it created every girl feel like the prettiest one.

Nickie Nine: Nickie Nine is a famous fashion company established in Pakistan in 2000. They are the pioneer of women’s fashion in Pakistan. After launching, they got immediate success in the world fashion design market.

ASMclothing: ASMclothing is established in 2005 in Ohio. Now, it shows their great fashion design in the world market.

EDUN: EDUN is a global fashion brand which promotes trade in Africa. It is a part of LVHM group. The collection includes a range of clothing, ready to wear, accessories etc.


So, above is the most famous fashion designing company.

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