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Properties Of Ramie Fibers || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ramie Fibers

Ramie is a vegetable cellulosic fiber. Ramie is called as china-grass. The demand of the ramie fibers are increasing day by day. These ramie fibers are used with the different fibers for blending. This blended fibers properties are well. Here, I have written about the properties of ramie fibers. Also, one should know the advantage and disadvantage of ramie fiber.

Properties of Ramie Fibers: The properties of ramie fibers are given below:

  • Ramie is a cellulosic natural fiber.
  • It is one of the strongest fiber then others.
  • It gives better result when it wet.
  • It is a durable fiber.
  • It has strong ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkle.
  • Its luster is fine and silky and it creates good appearance in fabric.
  • It’s processing is as like linen fiber.
  • Its durability is high.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ramie Fibers: In the below, I have written about advantages and disadvantages of ramie fibers.

Advantages of Ramie Fibers:

  1. Ramie fiber is used for blending with other fibers.
  2. It resists the attack of bacteria, mildew and other insects.
  3. Its absorbency properties are extremely high.
  4. Dyeing could be done easily.
  5. In wet condition, strength of ramie fibers is increased.
  6. During laundering, it withstands with water temperature.
  7. Its luster appearance improves with washing.
  8. It strongly holds its shape and does not shrink.
  9. Bleaching could be done with ramie fiber and cloth.
  10. Ramie fiber use for blending with other fibers.

Disadvantages of Ramie Fibers:

  1. Elastic properties of ramie fiber are low.
  2. It has lack resiliency.
  3. It is hardy than other fibers.
  4. It has low abrasion resistance.
  5. It wrinkles easily.
  6. It is stiff and brittle.

So, that’s all about the properties of ramie fibers. By knowing the advantage and disadvantages of ramie fiber one can get the knowledge of the ramie fibers.

Chemical Composition of Ramie || Mechanical Properties of Ramie Fiber

Ramie is one kind of natural fiber. It is the oldest textile fiber of plant origin. The demand of ramie fiber is increasing for its luster, strength, excellent microbial resistance and valuable hygienic properties. Ramie fiber is used for making bled with other fibers like cotton, wool, flax, polyester, acrylic and silk.

Chemical Composition of Ramie: Ramie fiber is degummed for making it usable as textile fiber. Ramie fiber is collected from the ramie plant. After analyzing, it is found that, ramie fiber is composed of following chemical composition. Following measurement is done in percentage.

Cellulose                              : 68.6 – 76.2%

Lignin                                    : 0.6 -0.7%

Hemi-cellulose                  : 13.1 – 16.7%

Pectin                                   : 1.9%

Wax                                       : 0.3%

Microfibrillar Angle          : 7.5°

Moisture Content            : 8.0%

Density                                 : 1.50g/cm3


Mechanical Properties of Ramie Fiber: As like chemical properties, ramie fiber consists of mechanical properties. They are-

Fiber Diameter                  : 0.034 mm

Fracture Load                    : 0.467 N

Tensile Strength               : 560 MPa

Fracture Stain                    : 0.025%

So, that’s all about chemical and mechanical properties of Ramie fiber.


Top Ramie Producers Country Of The World || Ramie Fibers

Ramie is one of the oldest vegetable fibers. Ramie is a bast fiber. This fiber was growing in china in the past. Ramie fiber is collected from the bark of the vegetable stalks. Chemical processing is required for processing ramie. Ramie is one of the strongest fibers. It is stiff and brittle and it breaks when repeatedly folded in the same place. This fiber is used to blend with the cotton or wool fiber. Ramie is similar to linen fiber. Properties of ramie fiber are similar to linen fiber.

Top Ramie Producers Country of the World: China is the major ramie producing countries of the world. High percentage of the total ramie is produced in china. Here, I have listed top ramie producing countries name. They are-

  • China
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Philippines
  • Brazil

Ramie is special type of fiber. The ramie producing countries are exporting ramie fiber to the other countries of the world. The use of ramie fiber is increasing day by day.