Yarn Preparation | Necessity Of Yarn Preparation Before Weaving and Knitting

The yarn which is used for weaving or knitting it could be grey or dyed. Yarns are the main element of weaving. Before weaving it needs to prepare. The yarn which is collected from the spinning section can not be used in loom directly. Before using it in loom it is processed by various ways. All of that’s activities are called yarn preparation. Performance of the weaving and knitting section mostly depends on the yarn preparation techniques.

Necessity of yarn preparation: Yarns are prepared for weaving by various ways. The necessity of yarn preparation is given bellow:

  • Yarn faults are removed by yarn preparation process.
  • By this process yarns are transferred from spinning package to a convenient form of package that will facilities the weaving.
  • To clean the yarn for better appearance and performance.
  • To have desired length of yarn in package.
  • To get better quality fabric.
  • During yarn preparation unwanted dust and hairy fibers are removed.

After yarn preparation; yarns are used for making a beam which is called warp yarn and another set of yarn is used for insertion through the warp yarn is called weft yarn.

So, yarn preparation plays an important role for weaving or knitting field.

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