Working Procedure Of Computer Color Matching System | Color Prediction

Do you hear about the compute color matching system (CCMS)? If you do so then it will be very easy to understand the working procedure of computer color matching system. In modern time man wants to save time and gets the result quickly. For this reason the popularity of computer color matching system is increasing rapidly. In most of the wet processing industry are trying to use CCMS. It has various advantages which attract people to use it.

Working Procedure Of Computer Color Matching System | Color Prediction

Now, I like to explain the working procedure of CCMS which is used for dyeing lab to match the shade of the products. Generally buyer gives a fabric sample swatch or Panton number of a specific shade to the producer. Producer gives the fabric sample to lab dip development department to match the shade of the fabric. After getting the sample they analyze the color of the sample manually. In the other hand they can take help from the computer color matching system.

At first it needs to fit the sample to the spectrophotometer which analyzes the depth of the shade and it shows the results of the color depth. At the same time it needs to determine the color combination by which you want to dye the fabric. Then it will generate some dyeing recipe which is nearly same. Here it needs to determine the amount of chemicals which you want to use during dyeing.

After formation of dyeing recipe it needs to dye the sample with stock solution. I think you are also familiar with stock solution. Then sample should dye according to the dyeing procedure. After finishing the sample dyeing it needs to compare the dyed sample with the buyer sample. For this reason dyed sample are entered to the spectrophotometer to compare the sample with the buyer sample.

Then CCMS gives the pass fail results. If the dyed sample match with the buyer sample than CCMS gives pass results. After that, dyed samples send to the customer or buyer. After getting the approval from the buyer producer goes for the bulk production.

If the dyed sample does not match with the buyer sample than the CCMS analyses the color difference and correct the recipe. Then another sample dyeing is carried out for matching the shade of the sample.

So, it’s not so easy task to operate the CCMS. For operating the computer color matching system, expert is needed. Different companies are manufactured CCMS; you can collect your favorite one from there. But I have some experience to work with a computer color matching system which is developed by DATA COLOR.

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