Working Mechanism of AHIBA NUANCE Sample Machine | Sample Dyeing In Lab

In dyeing lab; sample is developed for matching the shade with the standard swatch or pantone number which is given by the buyer. After produce a dyeing recipe samples are dyed in a sample dyeing machine. In modern time AHIBA NUANCE sample dyeing machine is popular to the textile engineer for sample dyeing. It has different characteristics which are help full for sample production.

There are different types of sample dyeing machine which is used for sample dyeing. Among all of them AHIBA NUANCE sample machine is different. A sample introduction of this machine could be as follow:

Brand Name                : Ahiba Nuance ECO-B

Manufacturer              : SHM.P.R.C

Origin                        : USA

Rating                        : 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Power                        : 3850 W

Temperature               : 1400 C (Maximum)

Capacity                    : 20 Tubes

Designed and developed by data color


Working procedure of an AHIBA NUANCE sample dyeing machine: Before execute a machine one should have general knowledge about the procedure by which a machine is run. In practical; I have seen that, this machine is best for yarn dyeing lab also used for knit dyeing lab. Anyhow, this machine works as follow:

Each machine contains 20 tubes, 19 tubes is used for dyeing sample and one for sensor. Sensor tube is full of water which quantity is same as others tube water quantity. Sensor determines the temperature of the chamber. There are three coils which give heat to the tube. Dyeing is occurs for this heat. Whole tube carrier rotates clockwise moment for 1 minute and anticlockwise moment for 1 minute. For this reason heat applies through the tube uniformly and shaking occurs also uniformly which is required for better dyeing. The machine works automatically. There are 8 programs which are set for different program Parameter of the program can be changed according to the requirement.

After that, another sample machine is used for sample dyeing. The brand name of this machine is ROACHES which is manufactured by ADVANCED DYEING SOLUTIONS LTD. Origin country of this machine is UK. This machine contains 16 tubes and maximum temperature could be 1400 C (Maximum).

Both of this machine’s working procedure is very near similar but controlling system is different from one to another. Price of both machine also differ from one to another. Both sample machines is suitable for yarn dyeing lab for sample dyeing.

So, we can use both of sample dyeing machines for produce desired shade which is needed for bulk production.


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