What Is KAIZEN || Features Of Kaizen

KAIZEN is a Japanese word. The meaning of kaizen is to take apart and change for good. Where, KAI means to take apart or to change and ZEN means for good. Masaaki Imai is known as the developer of kaizen. It is one of the important terms for making the work easier in a good manner.

Masaaki Imai said “If you learn only one word of Japanese, make it KAIZEN.”


  • Kaizen originated in Japan in 1950
  • First, it was been introduced and applied by Imai in 1986 to improve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in Toyota.

Features of Kaizen: Kaizen is differing from the western method. Here, I have write some features of kaizen. They are-

  • It is a planned and controlled change to achieve the next step in continual improvement.
  • It moves you from the existing Current State toward the defined Future State you have established as your goal.
  • Kaizen is a process of continuous incremental improvement.
  • The “kaizen blitz” is a five-day continuous improvement activity focused on a very specific process.
  • True Kaizen’s are typically done as a focused ‘blitz’: A point in time team effort rather than a gradual metamorphosis over time.

So, know more about kaizen process and make your work easy to done.

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