Top Jute Exporting Countries Of The World || Raw Jute Trading

Jute is the natural fiber. It is eco-friendly for the environment. The demand of jute goods are increasing day by day. The raw jute producing countries are exporting raw jute to the raw jute importing countries. By exporting raw jute different jute growing countries are earning huge foreign currency for their country.

Top Jute Exporting Countries of the World: In the world trade, jute sector takes a great place. It is great news for the farmer who is growing jute because peoples are feeling the demand of natural fiber. Jute fibers are cheaper than cotton fiber. Here, I have listed most raw jute exporting countries name. They are-

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Tanzania

So, that’s all about the top raw jute exporting country.

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