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Sateen Weave | Properties Of Sateen Weave | Types Of Sateen Weave

Sateen weave is the third basic weave among all of the basic weave or design. It is not as used as plain or twill weave. It is used for special purpose. Generally lace is produced by this sateen weave. There are other types of sateen weave that is satin, its properties are also same as sateen weave but there have some difference in the structure. Let, see the properties of sateen weave.

Properties of Sateen Weave: The main characteristics of sateen weave are given below. They are-

  • The main characteristics of sateen weave is that; the face side of the fabric is very smooth and glossy.
  • Only one interlacement is happened between each warp and each weft, for this reason, it is very glossy.
  • In sateen weave, no twill direction is formed on the fabric surface.
  • Sateen weave is comparatively looser structure than plain and twill weave.
  • Sateen weave is mostly used for lace production.

Types of Sateen Weave: Sateen weaves are two types. They are-

    1. Warp Sateen: If the float of warp yarn is more in the face side then it is called warp sateen. I.e. 5/1 warp sateen, it is also called 5 ends sateen.

  1. Weft Sateen: If the float of weft yarn is more in the face side of fabric, then it is called weft sateen. I.e. 1/5 sateen weave.

So, that’s all about sateen weave and its classification.