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Features Of Hand Stitch || Uses Of Hand Stitch In Garment Manufacturing

Stitching is done for attaching objects to the fabric or joining various fabric parts through the sewing machine. Stitching is done by the help of sewing threads and needle. In this stitching process another sewing components also help for proper stitching.

Hand stitching is generally done by hand but in the modern times, hand stitching is done by the hand stitching sewing machine. According to British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, hand stitch is classified as Class 200.

Features of Hand Stitch: Followings are the features of hand stitch.

  1. Hand stitch is passed completely from one side to the other.
  2. Hand stitch is originally made by hand but now can be formed by sewing machine.
  3. The appearance of face and back are same.

Uses of Hand Stitch in Garment Manufacturing: Hand stitch is popular to the common people who like to sew different parts of fabric none commercially. In the village side of many countries; people used needle and threads for sewing. Anyhow, followings are the using scope of hand stitch.

  • Hand stitch is used for decorative purposes.
  • It is specially used in collar, pocket, front placket, shoulder etc.

In apparel manufacturing, hand stitch is not so used as chain stitch. But hand stitch has a demand to the common people.

Properties Of Chain Stitch || Application Of Chain Stitch In Apparel Manufacturing

Stitching is the process of joining different parts of fabric in apparel manufacturing. Chain stitching is involved with class 100 by the British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915: 1991. Chain stitching is done by chain stitch sewing machine.

Properties of Chain Stitch: Chain stitch has some features. Followings are the properties of chain stitch.

  • In chain stitching; same thread is used to interconnect each loop.
  • Stitch can be easily unpicked from the last to the first.
  • Chain stitching is generally used for temporary stitching.
  • The appearance of face and back are different in apparel.

Application of Chain Stitch in Apparel Manufacturing: Chain stitch is used for temporary stitching. Followings are the application scope of chain stitch. They are –

  1. Chain stitching is done for pocket opening.
  2. It is used for temporary stitching, i.e. basting.
  3. Chain stitching can be used in any where depending on buyer’s requirement.

So, chain stitch is a simple form of stitching.

Stitch Types | Stitching In Sewing Section Of Apparel Manufacturing

In apparel manufacturing industry; various types of sewing machine is used for stitching. This stitch is required to join different parts of the fabric.

According to British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, the stitches are as follow:

  1. Class 100: Chain Stitch
  2. Class 200: Hand Stitch
  3. Class 300: Lock Stitch
  4. Class 400: Multi Thread Chain Stitch
  5. Class 500: Over Edge Chain Stitch
  6. Class 600: Covering Chain Stitch