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Elastomeric Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Spandex

Spandex is an elastomeric fiber. This elastomeric is come from elastic and polymer. Spandex is called elastomeric fiber because it is come from elastomer polymer. Spandex is elastic as rubber. Its elasticity property is higher than all of the textile fiber. It could be elastic 5 to 7 times of its original length. But when it release from a turn then it recovers its original length.

Spandex is a 100% synthetic fiber. It is very light in weight. It is used for making different types of light apparel. Especially this fiber is used to produce different types of underwear of women by mixing with cotton or other fiber. Industrially, spandex is called lycra. The amount of Lycra determines the elasticity of that’s apparels.

Physical Properties of Spandex: The physical properties of spandex are given below.

  1. Tenacity: 0.7 gm/den
  2. Density:  1.21 – 1.35 gm/c.c
  3. Elongation at break: 400 – 700%
  4. Elasticity: Excellent
  5. Moisture Regain (MR%): 0.6%
  6. Resiliency:  Very good
  7. Ability to protest friction: Excellent
  8. Color: White or near white
  9. Ability to protest heat: Not good
  10. Lusture: Less bright

Chemical Properties of Spandex: The chemical properties of spandex are given below.

  1. Acids: It has preventive power against all of the acidic action.
  2. Basic: Hot alkali damages the spandex filament.
  3. Effect of bleaching: Bleaching agent damages the fiber and it becomes weak.
  4. Protection ability Organic solvent: Good
  5. Protection ability light: Very good
  6. Protection ability against mildew: Good
  7. Protection ability against insects: It does not affected by insects.
  8. Dyes: Disperse dyes, Acid dye is suitable to dye spandex filament.

Spandex filament is used for produce stretch fabrics. In knit product production, Lycra is a popular word. Spandex is used for increase the elastic property of the fabric. Day by day, the using area of spandex increase rapidly.

So, keep eyes on spandex and try to combine spandex with other fiber to produce suitable textile products.