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What is 5S? || Benefits of 5S || Objectives Of 5S

5s is a Japanese methodology. It is the combination of 5s of five word which is started by word S. 5S is a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words. 5 Japanese words are seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke.

Meaning of five 5 S: Here, I have given the meaning of Japanese word in English. They are-

  • Sorting (Seiri)
  • Straightening (Seiton)
  • Systematic cleaning (Seiso)
  • Standardizing (Seiketsu)
  • Sustaining (Shitsuke)

The Japanese practice the 5 S methodologies for improving the work environment. These methods teach to make everything in order to make the place clean and make the work place comfortable for work. The 5-S practice helps everyone in the organisation to live a better life.

Benefits of 5S: There are lots of benefits of 5S. Here, I have listed some points. They are-

  • 5S helps to make everything in discipline form.
  • 5S improves organizational efficiency.
  • 5S improves safety.
  • 5S reduces waste in all forms.
  • 5S improves speed and quality of work performance.
  • 5S cuts down employee frustration when “the system doesn’t work”.
  • 5S creates a visually attractive environment.


Objectives Of 5S: There are lots of objectives of 5S. They are-

Productivity: 5S increase the productivity of the organisation. Specially, it works in both personal and working life. The face of an undisciplined office becomes discipline because of 5S.

Safety: When a man follows the 5 S then it increases the safety issue of the organization.

Reduced Waste: 5S teach to clean up the process by arranging the materials in discipline way. Unwanted materials are reduced from the place by 5 S methods.

Worker Commitment: Worker commitment becomes increase by applying 5S.

There are lots of benefits and objectives of 5S. So, try to practice in your personal life.

Benefits Of Kaizen || Five Main Points Of Kaizen

Kaizen is used for improvement. This term is necessary for improving in every parts of life. Mostly, kaizen is used in industry or other organization for changing for goods.

Five Main Points of Kaizen: Here, I have described five main points of kaizen. They are-

  1. Teamwork: Teamwork is the main important points of kaizen. The work which is done by one and that’s work which is done alone will not be finer than combined work. This combined work is called teamwork. The team members are responsible for doing all the works properly. So, it is important to complete a work in time and properly.
  2. Personal discipline: Kaizen is also important personal skill. It teach to do all the work in discipline way. It improves the discipline characteristics of a person. To do all the work on time is one of the pre conditions of getting good results of a work.
  3. Improved morale: By practicing kaizen in everyday life, morality grows to the owner to operator. This is important for getting better morality in personal life. Moral person is responsible for his duty.
  4. Quality circles: Kaizen improves the quality circle.
  5. Suggestions for improvement: Kaizen gives some suggestion which can improve the work.

So, that’s all about the five main points of kaizen.

Why Kaizen Events? | What Is Kaizen Events?

Kaizen events are involved with the entire person involved with the process. It is the cycle work which is involved with the owner to worker of the industry. Any action whose output is intended to be an improvement to an existing process is called kaizen events.

Kaizen drives the improvements which lead to a leaner business operating system.

Current State → Kaizen → Future State (Lean)

Followings tools referred kaizen events. They are-

  • Kaizen event gathers operators, managers, and owners of a process in one place
  • In most of cases, development flowchart is used for maps the existing process.
  • It improves the existing process.
  • It solicits buy-in from all parties related to the process.

Six sigma is used for evaluate the performance of a products. Kaizen events are extremely useful for get quick improvement of a process with a low sigma score. It is also useful for convincing organizations new to Six Sigma of the methodology’s value.

The main goal of kaizen event is to hold small events attended by the owners and operators of a process to make improvements to that process which are within the scope of the process participants.


What Is Kaizen Events?

Kaizen activities that address issues over a period of one week had become the industry norm and they had been named as ‘Kaizen events’. These small models are used to understand problems and issues in the business processes, arrive at solutions, and apply them to improve the processes and eliminate wastes.

  1. Assess/Reassess: Assess is the first steps of kaizen events. Assessing is done for planning and designs the process. Sometimes, reassessing is done.
  2. Plan and Design: After assessing, planning and designing is done by measuring the capability of the industry.
  3. Implement: Implement is the main task of an organization. This implement is done from the owner to worker or operator.
  4. Evaluate: After complete the process, it needs to evaluate the full process. After evaluation, if any faults found in the process, then it needs to remove.

So, implement kaizen in your organization and take advantage of the process.