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Polypropylene Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a 100% synthetic textile fiber. It is formed by about 85% propylene. The monomer of polypropylene is propylene. Propylene is a bi-product of petroleum. It is cheap in price than polyester. It is used as the alternatives of plastic. This polypropylene is harmful for the environment. It is not degraded with soil, so it causes harm to the soil. Also it is not decomposed by water for this reason it is used as the rope of ship. Its moisture regain is too much less which is nelegible to count.

Now, I like to present the physical and chemical properties of polypropylene.

Physical Properties of Polypropylene: Polypropylene is a strong fiber. The physical properties of polypropylene are given below.

  1. Tenacity:  3.5 – 8.0 gm/den
  2. Density:  0.91 gm/c.c
  3. Elongation at break: 10 – 45%
  4. Elasticity: Very good
  5. Moisture Regain (MR%): 0%
  6. Resiliency: Good
  7. Melting point: 1700C
  8. Ability to protest friction: Excellent
  9. Color: White
  10. Ability to protest heat: Moderate
  11. Lusture: Bright to light

Chemical Properties of Polypropylene: The chemical properties of polypropylene are given below.

  1. Acids: Acid does not affect on polypropylene. It has excellent protesting ability against acids.
  2. Basic: Basic does not affect on basic.
  3. Effect of bleaching: It has enough ability to prevent the harmful action of bleaching agent under 65oC.
  4. Organic solvent: Organic solvent does not cause harm to polypropylene during action.
  5. Protection ability against light: It loses energy by sunlight.
  6. Protection ability against mildew: Good
  7. Protection ability against insects: It does not affected by insects.
  8. Dyes: Difficult to dye polypropylene because its moisture regain is 0%. But pigment dyeing is possible.

So, polypropylene is a harmful product for the environment. Although it has some application in some special cases but we should ignore it for our environment safety.