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What Is Panty or Bikini || Top Styles Of Panties or Bikinis || Uses of Panties or Bikinis

Panty is a common word to the girls and women who are adult enough. It is generally used as a under wear for the women. Panties are often used for fitting but sometimes it is used in loose form. The panties consist of elastic waistband, a crotch panel to cover the genital and a pair of leg opening. The fabric which is used for making panties that is lined with absorbent materials such as cotton. Different materials are used for making panties and most of the time they are breathable underware.

Top Styles Of Panties or Bikinis: Panties were generally designed to cover the lower half of female torso. Different panties are made for women and girls. It is generally used to get confidence more and more. Here I live listed most common panties style which is popular in the new age. They are- Styles of Panties 1. Bikinis Panties

2. Tangas Panties

3. Hipsters Panties

4. Briefs Panties

5. Control Briefs Panties

6. BoyLegs or Boyshorts Panties

7. Granny Panties

8. Thongs Panties

9. Brazilian Panties

10. G – Strings Panties

11. Classic or Full Brief

12. High-cut or French cut

Panties are the popular to the different types of women who are related with different work. Day by day the uses of panties are increased. The designers of panties are trying to shape right one for the specific women. Design and style is varying on the taste of women or girls.

In the modern age, women or girls can buy their specific panties or bikinis from online.