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Properties Of Laser Cutter Used For Garment Cutting

Laser cutting is a computerized cutting system. Laser cutter is not suitable for fabric cutting. It is generally used for special purpose. It is not as popular as the other fabric cutting system.

Features of Laser Cutter: The features of laser cutter are given below.

  1. Laser cutter is specially used to cut Buttons, Logo or only plastic materials.
  2. Special software is used to cut these.
  3. Laser ray is used to cut these which are controlled by computer.

Laser cutting is a computer controlled cutting system. For this reason, experienced personnel are required to run this job.

Features Of Drill And Notcher || Fabric Cutter

Drill and notcher are other types of cutting instrument in apparel industry. It is specially used to mark and cut at corner points where necessary for examples:

  1. Button and button hole making.
  2. Pocket placing for shirts, coats, trouser etc.
  3. Notcher is used to identify folding line, seam line etc.

So, straight knife, band knife, round knife, die cutter, drill and notcher are the mechanical instrument for fabric cutting. Every cutting instrument is essential for complete the full cutting operation.

So, select your cutting instrument as per requirement.

Die Cutter || Features Of Die Cutter

Die cutter is special types of cutting instrument. It is generally used for leather technology. It is not suitable to cut large parts. Sometimes, it is used for garment cutting.

Features of Die Cutter: The features of die cutter are given below.

  1. Die cutter is specially used in leather technology. It helps to make shoe, bag and belts.
  2. Dies are necessary to make before cutting operation.
  3. Leather or any product is cut like paper cutting technique.

Die cutter is not popular for fabric cutting as straight knife, band knife or round knife cutter. It is specially used for making leather products.