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Process Flow Chart OF Cotton Knit Dyeing | Batching To Finishing

Dyeing process is carried out with the help of dyes and chemicals. Different types are used for dyeing knit fabric. Cotton dyeing is the most important dyeing operation among all of the dyeing process. From spinning to garments finished goods, a line of process is maintained.

Cotton fiber and its generated finished goods are more comfortable than other fibers products. Cotton knit fabric dyeing is carried out as the following flow chart:

Fabric receiving

Fabric inspection





Per-Oxide kills Wash



Neutralization after dyeing



De watering / Squeezing


Stentering / Compacting

Final Inspection

Here I have given the full wet processing techniques of knit dyeing. Pre treatment, dyeing, after treatment and finishing process are expressed combinedly.

So, let proceed the knit dyeing as per flow chart which is expressed in above.

Responsibilities Of A Textile Production Officer In Dyeing Floor | Activities Of A Textile Engineer

A strong managerial system is needed for controlling the dyeing process in a dyeing floor. In dyeing process experience is the vital point for getting the success. Experienced team work can bring the desired production in the production floor. We know that; dyeing is the most critical section and shade machine is important for satisfied the buyer. During dyeing various parameters are controlled. If any of one are hampered that cause various dyeing fault which can be the cause of fabric rejection.

In dyeing floor production officer plays an important role during dyeing operation. Following activities are done by the production officer:

  • To plan, execute and follow up the production activities and control the quality production with related activities.
  • Overall supervision of dyeing and finishing.
  • To issue dyes and chemicals and check out it.
  • To make program, sample checking and color measurement.
  • To control the supervisor’s, operators and helper’s.
  • To give dye line or the program slip according to daily production plan, batch preparation and PH check.
  • To check daily production report.
  • To rectify the finished fabrics which are rejected from quality control department.
  • To study dye and chemicals nature which is delivered by the manufacturers and applied them correctly to the production to get best production?
  • At last, Production officer reports about the production activities to the senior production officer.

A production officer should have deep knowledge about the different section of textile processing. In dyeing, he or she should have idea about the dyes and chemical properties and scope of application in dyeing. Also he should have knowledge about dyeing Machine.

So, Production Officer is the name of a responsible and respective person in dyeing floor.


Process Flow Chart Of Yarn Dyeing Floor | Production Procedure Of Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing is the special type of dyeing process. Yarns are dyed in package form or hank form by yarn dyeing process. It is slightly difference from woven or knit dyeing. Dyed yarns are used for making stripe knit or woven fabrics or solid dyed yarn fabric or in sweater manufacturing.


The process flow chart of yarn dyeing in a yarn dyeing floor is given below:

Soft Winding


Yarn dyeing in package form

Hydro Extractor


Random Section (Re winding section)

Packing and Delivery

Now I like to give short idea about each section of the dyeing floor.

Soft Winding: It is the first steps of yarn dyeing. In this section yarns are transferred from paper cone to plastic tube or steel tube for facilities the yarn dyeing process. Without this process it is not possible to accelerate package yarn dyeing. Different parameters are maintained during re winding of yarn.

Batching: In batching section; yarns are batched according to their count, lot, yarn type and others. A batch card is formed which contain the essential information of that batch.

Dyeing: In dyeing section; dyeing is done according to the approved sample dyeing recipe. Different parameter is maintained during dyeing. When dyed yarn shade is matched with the approved sample than is take out from the dyeing bath.

Hydro Extractor: In this section excess water of the yarn is removed. After that yarn package are sent to the dryer.

Dryer: Dryer is used for remove remaining water of the dyed yarn.

Random section: In this section dyed and dried yarns are transfer from plastic tube or steel tube. During re winding, finishing materials are applied to the yarn.

Packing and Delivery: After passing random section, dyed yarns are checked by the quality officer. After passing the quality, yarns are packed. After packing, yarns are ready for delivery.

So, above all are about the activities in a yarn dyeing floor.