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Merchandiser || Principle Duties And Responsibilities Of A Merchandiser

Merchandiser is the key person in garment business. It is very important to know the duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser. In a buying house or in a garment merchandising office is act as an export office of garment. Merchandiser is the key person in a buying house. Merchandiser builds up a relation between the producer and importer. At first, merchandiser takes order from a buyer that’s time he acts as a seller to the garment importer. In the other hand, when a merchandiser gives this order to the factory that’s time he acts as a buyer to the manufacturing side. So, there are two face of a merchandiser.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities of a Merchandiser: Merchandiser always tries to give his best efforts to the exporting garments. Here, I like to list the principle duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser. They are-

  • The main duties of a merchandiser are to fulfill the demand of a garment buyer.
  • At first, take an export order from the buyer.
  • To make a time schedule for export those garments as per exporting date.
  • To make sample for the export order from a factory.
  • If the sample approved then order for bulk production.
  • All the materials should be arranged which is required for manufacturing garments.
  • To inspects quality of the products as a buyer.
  • A merchandiser calculates the consumption of fabric and YPD.
  • The merchandiser also calculates thread, button, interlining, label, poly bag, cartoon and other accessories required for a full garment export.
  • Merchandiser sometime sourcing the fabrics.
  • He also sourcing the accessories.
  • The merchandiser follows up the full production process.
  • Another main duty of the merchandise is to calculate the costing of garments.
  • Merchandise analyses and planning the garment production.
  • Merchandiser should concern about the shipment date of the fabric.
  • Merchandiser arranges the pre shipment inspection schedule.
  • Merchandiser makes the shipment documents.
  • To collect the payment is also a big dealing of a merchandiser.
  • It is also important to calculate the profit by exporting the products.
  • All the activities of the merchandise are to deliver quality products to the buyer.

So, there are lots of duties of a merchandiser. One should consider the above steps to be a good merchandiser.

Garment Buyer || Major Garment Buyer’s In Bangladesh

Garment or apparel sector is the fast growing sector in Bangladesh. The economy is demonstrated by the garment sector. Lots of peoples are involved with this sector. In the mean time, it is the first foreign currency earning sector of Bangladesh. The quality of the garments is higher than the other garment producing countries. Lots of advantages are available in Bangladesh for garment production. For this reason, buyers are interested to import garment products from Bangladesh.

Major Garment Buyer’s In Bangladesh: Bangladesh exports their garment products in the most of the major economics countries. Most of the garment buyers are came from USA, UK, Entire Europe, and Australia. Besides this, Bangladeshi garment products exports all over the world. Here, I listed the top buyers of garment products from Bangladesh.

  1. H&M
  2. Li & Fung
  3. S. Oliver
  4. Tom Tailor
  5. IC Company
  6. Ed Ward Wang
  7. Umbro
  8. New Look
  9. TMS
  10. Algodon
  11. Q. Solution
  12. Maskos
  13. Wal-Mart
  14. Up-2-Date
  15. Levis
  16. GAP
  17. Grenville.
  18. Asmara
  19. Erima
  20. Sprider
  21. Esprit
  22. P.P. Tex
  23. Gastrock
  24. Texco
  25. Maxim
  26. OBS
  27. Multiline
  28. MB Fashion
  29. DR & S
  30. Katag
  31. Collince
  32. Cream Soda.
  33. Octagon
  34. Kiabi
  35. Trig lobe
  36. Brice
  37. Shobi Fashion
  38. Max.
  39. Etam
  40. Zagora
  41. Air Solution
  42. Vood Bridge.
  43. Lion Star
  44. Evrozon
  45. Sumi Tomo
  46. Ginkana
  47. Target
  48. P&C
  49. Katag
  50. Ulla Popken
  51. Mister & Lady
  52. Tki
  53. New Yorker
  54. Woolworth
  55. Mustang
  56. Pierre Cardin
  57. Dunnes Stores
  58. Heaton’s
  59. Bhs
  60. Spring Field
  61. Women Secret
  62. Gor Factory
  63. Hema
  64. B.Young
  65. Terranova
  66. Securex
  67. YSL
  68. Delta Plus
  69. Giordano
  70. 3 Suisse’s
  71. BTX
  72. Carr era
  73. EWM
  74. Haggar
  75. Jacadi
  76. Jules
  77. Kitaro
  78. Neck & Neck
  79. Matalan
  80. Monoprix
  81. Quicksilver
  82. Shobey
  83. Terma Tex
  84. Intersport
  85. S.F.G

Above is the most common buyer of Bangladesh. If you are familiar with other buyer, let me know.