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Flow Chart Of Management Hierarchy For Apparel Industry

Apparel manufacturing industries are the fast growing sector in developing and under develop countries. Different factors are responsible behind this reason. Anyhow an industry which is small or large it has a managerial system by which that industry is running.

Managerial hierarchy of an apparel industry can be defined as a system of grades of authority or status from the lowest to the highest. Managerial hierarchy of an apparel industry can be as follow:


Managing Director (MD)

Executive Director (ED)

Director (Administration/Finance/Merchandising)

General Manager (Production/Quality)

Manager (Production/Quality/Merchandising)

Assistant Manager (Production/Quality/Merchandising)

Line Chief (LC)

Supervisors & Inspectors

Operators & Worker

This hierarchy is started from grade number 1 and end at grade number 10, where Chairman is in top level and operators & workers are in lowest level.

So, it is important to ensure all contribution in production process that are directly or indirectly involve with the production process.