Shade Checking System In Dyeing Floor | Shade Matching

Shade is a common word in dyeing, printing and finishing unit of a textile mill. It is the physical testing methods of off line quality control assurance system. I have written about the shade matching system in a dyeing lab or lab dip development procedure in one of my blog, I think that will help you to know about the shade matching system.

Shade matching depends on the accuracy of the man’s eye. It is a visual process for this reason same shade may have difference comments from different person. So, dyeing expert or color expert is needed for this purpose. Besides the manual shade matching system computer color matching system (CCMS) can help man to take decision about the shade of a specific sample.

Shade Check: The shade achieved is to be checked several times while in process & at finished state to ensure the customers demand under recommended light source. Generally the shade is checked at the following stage-

  • After dyeing
  • After drying
  • After trial for finishing
  • After finishing

Shade Checking Instruments: Shade of the color varies depending on the light source under which sample is checked out. For this reason, buyer gives specific light source under which sample will be checked. For this the following equipment is used-

Name               : Verivide light box

Manufacturer    : James H. Heal & Company ltd.

Origin              : England

Light source:

  1. D-65 (artificial day light)
  2. TL-84
  3. F (filament light)
  4. UV (Ultraviolet blue light)

It is important to understand about the color tone. It is also important to know about the color combination by which color will be produced. It should take in mind that, the dyes combination which is used to match the buyer sample color that combination will be use in bulk production. Otherwise tone of the color could be varying.

So, textile engineer should be careful about the shade matching of a textile product.

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