Quality Assurance System In Different Stages Of Dyeing And Finishing Section

In dyeing and finishing section; various types of quality is measured by the quality assurance department. They check the shade of finished dyed goods and measure the fastness properties of the dyed goods. If the dyed goods have enough fastness properties then they give quality certificate.

Most of the knit dyeing industry assures the quality of the products of dyeing section in the following three steps:

  1. In Laboratory
  2. In Dyeing section
  3. In Finishing section

Procedures are described below: Now, I like to give a short idea about the quality assurance procedure of textile materials in different stages of dyeing and finishing.

In laboratory: By the following way, quality of the material is measured in laboratory.

  1. Swatch card from buyer according to their requirement.
  2. Recipe prediction for sample dyeing by manually or CCMS.
  3. Sample dyeing until matching with swatch card.
  4. Fastness & other tests of the fabric or yarn are done here.

In Dyeing Section: In dyeing section; quality of the product is checked by the following way.

  1. According to the buyer’s sample, sample dyeing is done in sample dyeing machine in dyeing shed, again matched with the approved sample.
  2. If result is OK, then move to bulk production.
  3. During dyeing, samples are taken until accurate shade matching. The interval may be 30-40 minutes.
  4. After dyeing sample is collected after softening matching is done.
  5. Last of all, sample is collected after fixation & matched.
  6. Then allowed the fabrics to be finished.

In Finishing Section: After passing the dyeing section, different fabric properties are added in finishing section by applying different finishes.

  1. By using a series of finishing machines; correct width, softness and appearance are maintained according to requirements.
  2. Then sampling is done for several times to test GSM, Shrinkage & fastness properties.
  3. Finally fabric is inspected & prepared for delivery.

A quality control department is a busy department if they do their job perfectly. A quality controller should have enough knowledge about the quality standard of different fastness measurement process. Otherwise, all will be hampered.

So, be careful about the quality of the textile materials.

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