Properties And Uses Of Basalt Fiber And Micro Fiber

Basalt fiber and microfiber are the most important fiber for technical textile manufacturing. In the modern times, various types of high performance textiles are made from this fiber.

Properties of Basalt Fiber: Basalt fiber is a high performance inorganic textile fiber. Followings are the characteristics of basalt fiber.

  1. Basalt fiber has high tensile strength.
  2. It has better elongation properties.
  3. It has high tearing strength.
  4. Mostly, it has better physic mechanical properties than glass fiber.
  5. It is cheaper than glass fiber.

Uses of Basalt Fiber: The basalt fiber is used in the following area.

  • Basalt fiber can be used as composite materials.
  • It is used as tripods.

Properties of Micro Fiber: Micro fiber is an ultra fine fiber. Followings are the characteristics of micro fiber.

  1. The count of micro fiber is less than 1 denier.
  2. Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic can be used for made this micro fiber.

Uses of Micro Fiber: Various types of wants a fulfill by using microfiber. They are-

  • Micro fiber can be used for making water proof fabric or clothing.
  • This fiber is used as fire proof fabric.
  • It is used in windy seasons as well as cold season.

Besides these two fibers, I want to mention carbon fiber which is mostly used in technical textile manufacturing. Carbon fiber or graphite fiber is a material consisting of extremely thin fibers (0.005 – 0.010mm) in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

So, when we will do work with technical textile manufacturing, we should take in mind this properties of technical textile fiber.

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