Process Flow Chart of Combed Yarn Manufacturing | Cotton Fiber to Yarn Manufacturing

Combed cotton spinning process is another important spinning process of cotton. Combing is done for adding extra features to the fibers. Higher count yarn is produced by this process. Combed yarn is finer than carded or rotor yarn. Combing is done after carding. Some extra steps are added for combed yarn manufacturing. The price of combed yarn is higher than carded or rotor yarn.

Combed cotton yarn manufacturing process is given below:


Fiber/Bale → Blow Room   →     Lap/Chute

Lap/Chute    →   Carding   →   Sliver (Carded)

Carded Sliver →   Pre-Comb Drawing Frame →   Sliver (Pre-Drawn)

Sliver    →   Lap Frame →   Lap

    Lap     →     Comber →       Sliver

Sliver   →     Post-Comb Drawing Frame   → Sliver (Post-Drawn)

Drawn Sliver →    Simplex   →   Rove

Rove    →   Ring Frame   →   Yarn






Combed yarns are made by this process. After ring frame; produced yarns are wind in cone form. In reeling, hank of yarn is produced from cone form. 10 pounds weighted bundle is formed by hank. By that’s bundle 400 pounds weighted final bale is formed.

After producing combed yarn; we can use it for making any types of fabric. The fabric which is made from combed yarn is more comfortable for use. Fineness of fabric is higher than carded or rotor yarn fabric.


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