Principles And Working Procedure Of Computerized Knife Cutter

Computerized knife cutter is a modern fabric cutting system. Various types of cutting instruments are used for fabric cutting in garment industry.

Principles Of Computerized Knife Cutter: The principles of computerized knife cutting system are given below.

Working Procedure Of Computerized Knife Cutter: The working procedures of computerized knife cutter are given below. They are –

  1. A perforated table is used for knife cutter.
  2. Under the perforated table an Air suction unit is available.
  3. A beam is placed widthwise of the table which runs lengthwise.
  4. Beam contents a knife which moves widthwise of the table.
  5. When switch is on the cutter, then cutting start at the starting point and cutting continued until finish the marker in CAD

Advantage: The advantage of computerized knife cutter is that, it is suitable for high quality cutting.


  1. High investment cost is needed for computerized knife cutter.
  2. Also, skilled operator is needed for operating this cutting.

So, computerized knife cutter is essential for modern cutting operation. If anyone wants to get high production, he should set up a computerized knife cutter for fabric cutting.

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