Pressing Or Ironing In Finishing Section || Pressing Types

Pressing or ironing is one of the most important tasks in finishing section. It is done for giving final finishing appearance to the apparel. After that, apparels are ready for packing.

Pressing or Ironing In Finishing Section: Various types of operations are done in finishing section. Pressing is done by the following way.

  • Pressing means shaping the apparels.
  • Pressing is affected by the application of heat and pressure for certain time.
  • Steam, compressed air and suction can assist the process.
  • The setting effect is fixed by cooling.

Pressing Operations: Pressing operations are two types. They are –

  1. Under Pressing: Operating performed on apparels parts during making up.
  2. Top/Final Pressing: Final pressing operations are done on the fully assembled apparels.

So, pressing plays an important role in apparel manufacturing.

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