Points Need To Consider During Yarn Dyeing Process | Influencing Factor Of Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing process is different from knit dyeing or woven dyeing. During dyeing, textile engineer should give deep concern on the following points. He should give proper instruction to his supervisor or operator to do all the work as per schedule. If any faults occur during dyeing process then it will impact on the dyeing process. In package yarn dyeing process following points are important to consider.


  1. Batching should be done by same lot yarn and same count yarn.
  2. Package level after pressing should be uniform.
  3. Package cap should be tight, it should not loose during operation in the dye bath.


  1. In-Out and Out-In pressure for each machine should maintain. If pressure vary than In-Out and Out-In will not be uniform, which after the levelness of package.
  2. Pressure should maintain during level in and level out process.


PH is one the most important factor in dyeing process. Following is the PH which should maintain for Cotton:

After salt mixing        : PH 6-6.5

After soda mixing      : PH 11-11.5

After process PH should be neutral.


→Checking is important. Checking should be performed in every step of operation.

→Sample checking should be after

● Bleaching (Residue H2O2, Absorbency check)

● Color migration (Level check)

● Dyeing

● Washing

● Finishing

→Water level should check.

→Carrier batch should check after every step by open the lid.

→Time and temperature should check.

Measurement: Operator/Supervisor should be aware during measurement. One should be aware about the measurement because a small mistake can vary the shade of the materials.

● Dyes measurement

Chemical measurement

● Water measurement

● Time measurement

● Temperature measurement

So, if a respective person aware about the points then he or she will get success in dyeing. Let do the same and see the results.

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