Organ Gram of Knitting Mills | Managerial System of The Floor

Every organization runs with a managerial system. Progress of the organization mainly depends on a strong managerial system. Especially an organization which is related with the production should have a well defined management. In industry related organization have two management system; One is in head office other is in the industry. In industry the organ gram depends on the volume of the industrial activities.

In knitting related industry, the organ gram may be as follow.



Managing Director (MD)

Executive Director (ED)

General Manager (GM)

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

Knitting Manager

Production Officer (PO)

Assistant Production Officer (APO)

Knitting Master

Assistant Knitting Master

Shift In charge

Floor In charge





This organ gram is for knitting mills, which is basically a knitting industry. But this organ gram is also effective for knit composite mills.

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