Organ Gram Of Dyeing And Finishing Textile Industry

Dyeing and finishing are the combined section of textile industry. This dyeing and finishing industry could be based on Yarn, Knitted or Woven fabrics. Generally, finishing is done after dyeing process. After finishing, materials are sending to garments or printing section for further operation. In every organization there have a managerial system which control the whole process. There have various sections in an industry. Every section is related to the production and its assistance.

Organ gram Of Dyeing and Finishing Textile Industry: The dyeing and finishing textile industry is run by the following managerial system.


Managing Director (MD)

Executive Director (ED)

Director (Production/ Finance)

General Manager (GM)

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

Assistant General Manager (AGM)

Manager (Dyeing/Finishing)

Assistant Manager (Dyeing/Finishing)

Senior Production Officer (SPO)

Production Officer (PO)

Assistant Production Officer (APO)

Dyeing Master

Shift In – Charge

Floor In – Charge




Above managerial system is must for better management. But it is very rear because all of the industries are not same in volume and not interested to main all of the class of the managerial system. For this reason, some part of the managerial system could be absent.

So, if anyone wants to get better production he or she should have to maintain the above managerial system.

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