Members Of The Lockstitch Family: Class 300 || Applications Of Lockstitch Type

Lockstitch is the mostly used stitch type in apparel manufacturing. Lockstitch has a neat appearance. It is a reversible, strong and secure stitch type. It is also used for decorative purpose. In sewing, lockstitch plays an important role.

Members Of The Lockstitch Family: Class 300: Lockstitch can be classified as the following way. They are –

  1. Type 301: Lockstitch
  2. Type 304: Lockstitch (Single Zig Zag)
  3. Type 308: Lockstitch (Double Step Zig Zag)
  4. Type 309: Lockstitch (2 Needle-1 Bobbin Thread Lockstitch)

Applications Of Lockstitch Type: Lockstitch sewing machine is used for forming lockstitch. The applications of lockstitch type are given below.

  • Lockstitch Type 304 and Type 308 are specially used for BRA (Underwear).
  • Lockstitch Type 302 is used to produce all kinds of apparel; it is a universal stitch type. In most of the cases this stitch type is used.
  • Lockstitch Type 309 is used for decorative purpose.

Various types of sewing machines are used for forming entire lockstitch type. So, buy your desired sewing machine to produce specific stitch.

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