Machineries Used In Dyeing & Finishing Floor | Knit Dyeing

In knit dyeing; grey knit fabrics are received from the knitting section. These grey fabrics are batched depending on the shade, fabric types, fabric quantity and with other information. After batching, fabrics are dyed in dying machine. After dyeing, finishing is done in the finishing section.

From batching to winding in a knit dyeing floor, various machineries are used for get a qualified finished knitted fabrics. Following machineries are used for performing the dyeing and finishing operation in a knit dyeing floor.

  • Batching Section:
  1. Turning machine
  2. Plaiting machine
  • Dyeing Section
  1. Grew Inspection machine
  2. Gas singeing machine
  3. Mercerizing machine
  4. Winch or Jet dyeing machine
  5. Sample dyeing machine
  6. Squeezing machine
  7. Dewatering machine
  8. Slitter machine
  9. Dryer machine
  10. Stenter machine
  11. Compactor machine
  12. Inspection machine
  • Quality section (Finishing)
  1. Sample dyeing machine
  2. Tumble dryer
  3. Washing machine
  4. Pilling tester
  5. Abrasion tester
  6. Fastness tester
  7. Digital pipette
  8. Digital weight box

So, if any one wants to launch a knitting floor; ones should maintain the machineries which are given in above.

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