List Of Basic Chemicals Used for Knit Dyeing | Chemicals And Auxiliaries

Chemicals are second important materials for dyeing knit fabrics. Chemicals are different in their properties. Chemicals are mixed in dyeing machine with the dyes. All chemicals are not suitable for all types of dyeing. Specific dyes need specific chemicals. Use of chemicals depends on the dyes type. Some chemicals are strong alkaline some are weak and some are moderate in nature.

I have given some chemicals name list which is widely used for getting better dyeing performance. They are as follow:

Basic Chemicals

  1. Acetic Acid
  2. Oxalic Acid
  3. Soda Ash
  4. Sodium Hypo chloride
  5. Sulphuric Acid

Bleaching Agent   

  1. Hydrogen peroxide 50%

Salt or Electrolytes

  1. Glubar salt
  2. Common Salt
  3. Refined Salt
  4. Caustic Soda
  5. Caustic Soda Pear

Detergent & Scouring Agent

  1. Invadine DA
  2. Invatex CS
  3. Cibafluid C

Anti foaming/Penetrating Agent

  1. Cibaflow Winch
  2. Cibaflow C
  3. Antifoam TC
  4. Primasol NF

Anti creasing Agent

  1. Ciba fluid P
  2. Ciba fluid C
  3. Primasol Winch

Peroxide Stabilizer

  1. Lavatex
  2. Prestozen PL
  3. Stabilol P
  4. Tinoclarito G-100

Sequestering Agent

  1. Ladiqueast 1097
  2. Dekol SM
  3. Sirrix AKLiq

Peroxide Killer

  1. Invatex PC
  2. Lorinol PK
  3. Basopal PK

Reactive Fixing Agent

  1. Cibafix Eco
  2. Tinofix FRD
  3. Cycianon E

Mercerizing Wetting Agent

  1. Mercerol QWLF
  2. Leophen MC

After Soaping Agent

  1. Cibapor R Liq
  2. Sandopour RSK
  3. Geiclean AW

Enzyme Finishing Agent

  1. Bio polish AL

Optical Brightener for Cotton

  1. Uvitex BBT
  2. Uvitex CIDN
  3. Uvitex BHV

Optical Brightener for Polyester

  1. Ultraphore BN Liq
  2. Uvitex BHT
  3. Ultraphore SFG Liq
  4. Ultraphore SFR

Leveling Agent for polyester

  1. Baso Winch PEL
  2. Osimol ROL
  3. Uniperol EL
  4. Prote-Gal DP505

Decolourant For Effluent Treatment

  1. Colfloc RD

Above chemicals are manufactured by different chemicals manufacturer. Before buying the chemicals ones should be confirm about the properties of chemicals. Chemicals properties should be checked in lab for ensure about the quality because qualified chemicals can give qualified output.

So, apply your favorite one in knit dyeing process.


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  4. Hie im a beginner in textile dyeing and i have in my possession these chemicals below of which i would be grateful if someone can shed some light on how their uses in dyeing.

    Ammonia Solution
    Caustic Soda
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