How To Design Technical Textile Products?

Technical textile is the demand of modern times. It is known that, technical textile is the customer driven product. So, technical textile product is produced by the manufacturer to satisfy the customer demand. If we see then we will see that, the material which is used to produce technical textile that is mostly synthetic materials. In the developed country, the uses of technical textile are more than the undeveloped country.

Designing Sequence of Technical Textile: When technical textile is produced it is started by the order of specific buyer. Then functional requirement of that product is analyzed and design the product as the buyer requirement. Then, material is gathered for that’s product. Then, process is settled for producing the product. After completing the production, product is send to the quality control section to test the specific requirement. At last, product is delivered to the customer.

The sequence of technical textile designing is given below.

Expression of needs by the end user or customer

Functional requirements

Technical textile design

Material requirements

Performance evaluation

Testing specification

Checking of the accordance

Delivered to the end user

So, when you will try to produce a technical textile product, you should follow the above designing sequence of technical textile production.

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