Flow Chat of Jute Products Manufacturing || Spinning To Finishing

Jute fiber is a natural bast fiber. It is harder than other textile fibers. Its spinning process is different from others spinning.

Jute is a natural fiber. It is environment friendly. Due to its worldwide demand different country manufacture jute goods. Jute goods produce by a line of sequence. Its manufacturing process is completely different from cotton. By the following way jute goods are produced:

Selection of jute for a batch

                                  ↓ (According to jute grade)

Piecing up

Softening or Lubricating

                                            ↓ (Application of emulsion on jute)


                                         ↓ (Piling of jute for certain time)

Breaker Card

                                             ↓ (Inter Card is used between this two)

Finisher Card

                                       ↓ (It may be half or full circular)

First Drawing Frame

Second Drawing Frame

Third or Finisher Drawing Frame


                   ↓ (For fine yarn)

Spinning Frame

                                 ↓ (Apron draft or Slip draft)


                                   ↓ (Roll winding & Cop winding)


                                ↓ (For warp yarn of cloth)


                                          ↓ (Insertion of warp & weft yarn)









This is the common flow chart. Some additional steps can be added with it by depending on buyer requirement. It can be changed with respect to count of yarn but it is the principle of jute goods manufacturing process. It also depends on type of product like that CBC, Hessian or Sacking. We know that CBC is produced by fine yarn, Hessian is also produced by fine yarn but this yarn is slightly courser than CBC and Sacking is produced by courser yarn than previous two.

Any how our main object is to produce quality product. So we should research to improve the process.

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