Features Of Pique Weave || Types Of Pique Weave

Pique is a fancy weave. It is used to produce various types of trimmings and ornamented fabrics.

Types Of Pique Weave: Pique weave is classified as the below.

  1. Ordinary Pique
  2. Loose Back Pique
  3. Wadded Loose Back Pique
  4. Wadded Fast Back Pique
  5. Waved Pique

Features Of Pique Weave: The features of pique weave are given below.

  • A typical pique structure consists of a plain face fabric composed of one series of warp and one series of weft threads and a set of back or stitched thread.
  • Continuous sunken lines are run horizontally in the cloth.
  • One cord per repeat.
  • Skip or divided draft is generally used.
  • Pique weave is used to produce trimmings and other ornamented products.

That’s all about pique weave.

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