Features Of Honey Comb || Types Of Honey Comb

Honey comb is a fancy weave. Various types of decorative fabrics are formed by honey comb.

Types Of Honey Comb: Honey comb is classified by the following two ways. They are-

  1. Ordinary Honey Comb
  2. Brighton Honey Comb

Characteristics of Honey Comb:

  • The surface of honey comb fabric is very rough.
  • In the repeat size, number of ends and picks may be equal or unequal.
  • Ordinary honey comb is produced by pointed draft and Brighton honey comb is produced by straight draft.
  • Weaves forms hollows which give a cell like appearance to the texture.
  • If repeat size is square then ultimate raised and sunk diamond shaped areas are seen.
  • Large honey comb weaves are liable to be loose in structure when constructed in ordinary manner. To secure the firmness of texture a double row of binding is used.
  • This structure has high water absorbency property.
  • For Brighton honey comb, the number of threads in repeat should be multiple of 4.
  • The smallest repeat size for ordinary honey comb is 6 x 4.
  • The smallest repeat for Brighton honey comb is 8 x 8.













So, that’s all the features of honey comb.

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