Faults And Defects In Winding | Wastage In Winding

In winding; transformation of spinning bobbin yarn to the yarn package is done by manually for this reason it has chance to occur some faults. During winding, different types of winding defects are found. Followings are the main faults or defects of winding.

Faults and defects of winding:

  • If patches are formed on the yarn.
  • If winding speed is incorrect.
  • Variation of yarn tension.
  • If packages are dirty.
  • Incorrect shape of yarn package.
  • Too much knots in the yarn.
  • Excessive full bobbin.
  • Piecing up.
  • Over lapping.
  • Two end winding.
  • Mixing yarns of different linear density.
  • Pattern winding which is the result of the coincidence.
  • Greasy and dirty yarn.
  • Poor yarn cleaning and snarling.

So, during winding process; production officer should be concern about the defects and faults of winding.

Wastage in winding: In winding section; wastage is produced due to different causes. Followings are the main causes of winding wastage.

  • Due to knots.
  • Ends remaining after tying.
  • Yarn slough off.
  • Remains of coil on the yarn package.
  • Short ends dropped at threading.
  • Greasy and dirty yarn.
  • Workers negligence.

The amount of wastage depends upon the size of the spinning bobbin and breakage rate. With the increase of the package size and reduced of breakage rate of yarn, wastage of winding is reduced.

So, we should reduce the wastage of winding.

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