Description And Basic Functions Of Feed Dog Of A Sewing Machine

Feed dog is the basic component of a sewing machine. It is used to control the motion of a fabric. The needle plate is used to cover the feed dog and feed dog pushes fabric towards the needle. After that, stitching is done on the fabric. The structure of the face side of the feed dog is zigzag and it contains rows of teeth.

Feed dogs are classified as –

  1. Saw Tooth
  2. Upright
  3. Diamond

Description of Feed Dog: The description of a feed dog is given below.

  • A feed dog contains rows of teeth which are like a saw.
  • In the throat plate, the feed dog is moved upwards and forwards through the slits.
  • Feed dogs have an elliptical “LOCUS movement”.

Basic Functions of Feed Dog: Basic functions of feed dog are given below.

  1. To move the fabric forward is the main function of feed dog.
  2. The distance between teeth to teeth is equal to the distance of one stitch length.

Various types of sewing machines are used for garment sewing. All of the sewing machine has feed dog but mechanism of all feed dog are not same. It is most important to adjust the feed dog to the sewing machine. To do this one can take help from the manual of the sewing machine or can take help from the technician.

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