Chemical Composition Of Wool Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Keratin

Wool is an important textile fiber. It is a protein fiber; it contains some special protein like keratin. Keratin is the main chemical composition of wool. It is important to know the physical and chemical properties of wool.

Chemical Composition of Wool Fiber: I have presented a chemical composition of wool as below:

Keratin                   : 33%

Grease                   : 28%

Suint                     : 12%

Different Impurities    : 26%

Mineral Water           : 01%

Keratin: The keratin of wool is a protein of empirical formula. The exact composition depends upon the position of the material in the fiber and the treatment to which it has been subjected. Keratin contains sulpher for this reason it is very easy to separate keratin from the other elements.

Chemical Composition of Keratin: Chemical composition of keratin is given below:

Carbon             : 50%

Hydrogen        : 12%

Oxygen            : 10%

Nitrogen          : 25%

Sulpher            : 3%

Different fibers have different chemical composition. So, we should know the elements name and their quantity in the composition.

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  1. sir keratin is very strong particle so we can use the keratin in the hydrogen storage purpose my dout is how can we collect the keratin from the wood.if it is posible

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